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Mary Yacoob




Mary Yacoob, Mechanical pavilion



This is a proposition for a series of mechanical galleries, dropping, swaying, compassing, pointing, shooting and rotating. 
Using the old lustrous ceiling of Sutton Scarsdale Hall as a counterpoint, the proposal is to offer a generous and dynamic series of motion-galleries to host exhibitions of artist’s work.  Artist are invited to adapt the speed and motion of the galleries in dialogue their work.
Or the proposal points to the tendency to build ever more imposing and grand gallery spaces that are artworks in themselves, causing the curation of artworks inside the space to become increasingly problematical.
Or the proposal is a re-imaging of what a gallery can be through the use of drawing and visual languages adapted from a mechanical engineering manual.




Mary Yacoob





'Proposition for Sutton Scarsdale Hall: Mechanical Pavilion'
Ink and graphite on found image and paper
21 x 28.7cm