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The House of O’Dwyer’s proposal for a pavilion/arts facility is inspired by the idea of a lost classical civilisation… the architectural remains of broken columns and collapsed capitals and the almost random nature of what survives from a lost way of life.

EXTERIOR of the Pavilion
This proposal references the continuing influence of classical architecture, culture and ideas on the world we live in. (e.g. Democracy, Philosophy, Empire, Reason, etc). It recalls the template of the first skyscrapers, built to resemble free standing columns with capitals.
The project is also inspired by the symbolism in the details of creative output. It also allows a playful re-introduction of the representation of the figure into architecture as well as the representation of nature.

EFFECT of the Pavilion

The Pavilion will be a dedicated space, a temple in fact, even potentially an oracle, for the experimental pursuit of a post-contemporary curation. It will exist as a sculpture and as a beacon both physically in the landscape of Derbyshire and symbolically through its attempt at a definition and examination of the Post-Contemporary.
The whole process, the whole endeavour of imagining a pavilion of post-contemporary curation, acts as a catalyst for discussion and debate around the nature of where we are and where we are going, and what the nature of the post- contemporary will be.

The actual remains, the roofless shell of the old Sutton Scarsdale house will be preserved as they are mostly. It will be given over to three new functions.
· It will provide a space for a café facility.
· An outdoor gallery/sculpture garden for post-contemporary work
· The 'entrance hall' ante to the new pavilion
It is hoped that it will also contain some kind of water feature, fountain etc for the symbolic, spiritual and historic references that could be extracted from such.
The remains of the old Sutton Scarsdale house become a garden paradise. (Potential for future constructions remains.)

INTERIOR of Pavilion of Post Contemporary Curation
Accommodation for residencies
Resources for new media production
library/ research facilities
a study resource
Archive for the Centre of Attention
4 screening rooms
an exhibition hall /space
performance hall /space
bar/café and shop
Space for permanent exhibition on the Hall’s history

The House of O’Dwyer – is an artist based in London who works in a variety of medium including photography, painting film and installation.