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Gordon Duffy at Studio DuB




We propose that the Hall is put in a 'conservation bubble' ie. it is wrapped in a curtain wall fixed at the base and to the edge of the roof spaceframe, the extent of the enclosure to be agreed in accordance with the developed brief. This way the romantic qualities of the ruin are preserved whilst allowing dynamic new gallery and community spaces and artists studios to be formed.

Heat accumulated in the roof plenum is recovered to be used to warm the refrigerant in the heat pump, providing heating and hot water. The vast roof area allows for a significant amount of rainwater to be harvested for re-use.
The option of using LCD glass for areas of the curtain wall offers flexibility of appearance and incorporation of gallery artworks exploiting screen technologies whilst offering high UV protection.



Gordon Duffy sustainable proposal for Sutton Scarsdale Hall


1 Cutaway view - 3D model showing the corner 'rooms within rooms' for artists/community groups
2 Front view - LCD glass with existing window layout projection/screen technologies on the curtain wall from the inside
3 Front view - clear glass
4 Back entrance - View showing juxtaposition of clad and expressed wings each side of the cafe courtyard
5 Side view-building envelope conserved



Ground floor plans

First Floor plans


Ground floor and first floor plans