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Drew Mills, Sebastian Messer and Paul Warrior for Studio MWM





1) The existing building is stabilised and left 'as found'

2) Any surviving internal finishes are preserved in frameless glass 'vitrines'

3) All permanent interventions within the walls of the existing hall are removable, free-standing and in contrast to the original fabric: vertical and structural elements are steel finished with red oxide, horizintal elements, floors, stairs, walkways, are polished white concrete

4) Form a new entrance by inserting a frameless glass volume into the west facing courtyard

5) 6m above the existing hall, raise a new, highly serviced building on pylons in each of the four corners

6) house vertical services, lifts and stairs within the pylons as required

7) clad the soffit of the new building in mirror-polished, stainless steel (heaven reflects the earth below)

8) clad the outer faces of the new building with perforated, stainless steel panels superimposed with the horizon charts for 53deg latitude

9) open the roof top labyrinth to the public




Studio MWM exterior view of Sutton Scarsdale Hall





Interior view of the pavilion





Plans for Heaven and Earth proposal