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Sutton Scarsdale Horizon Line

A new horizon line for Sutton Scarsdale will activate the curation of new views across Chesterfield. By inserting a temporary all weather landscape internally new inside/outside relationships will gently shift the horizon line down to the immediate surroundings.

As an enduring and stable raised level constructed from green recycled plastic container crates a new artificial carpet is laid. The material will be arranged to navigate visitors across the existing terrain and to help orientate visitors with the landscape beyond the Hall itself.

At entry all visitors at the kiosk will be given the opportunity to purchase a limited edition shelter – a commissioned green umbrella. Reconfiguring the green landscape upwards as well as respond to the invariable wetness of the British climate (potentially sponsored by Barbour or similar).

In addition to the horizon convivial activities and rural pursuits will be encouraged, picnics, games of stick in the mud or what’s the time Mr Wolf come to mind.

The principle idea is simple and accessible. With activation and multiplication come unique and individual experiences and memories which materialise the invisible and a greater connection to the place and its views.