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13 September - 13 October 2003

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Martha Rosler


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...Since September 11, 2001, the question, Why Do they hate us? has resonated in the American media, as in the minds of a range of United States citizens. In what might be taken as an effort to address the question, the Whitney Museum of American art opened "The American Effect" this fall. The question, however, has been recast as, How do we look? and, more shyly, Do they still love us? Perhaps I am being a bit cynical here, but I recognized in this exhibition a certain timidity that we have come to expect from our premier institutions... read more


Finally, the debacle that was the California gubernatorial recall/ election/ circus is finally over. By far the most interesting fact to come to light was the revelation that Democratic Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante is the less talented sibling of locally bred performance artist Nao Bustamante... read more

Meredith Etherington-Smith

And speaking of Sugimoto, (whose series 'The Six Wives of Henry VIII' is coincidentally also owned by Saatchi) I was very lucky to be able to talk to him about his work for an ArtReview preview of his upcoming show at the Serpentine on


Johnnie Walker blogs from Tokyo

johnnie come lately....... have just returned to tokyo from my around the world whistle stop art tour on which the last leg included a meeting with piece unique gallery in paris, one of the few surviving truly bohemian-free spirit galleries in paris, the left bank is alive and well at piece unique!, now showing my girl friend with the polk-a dot skirt, yayoi kusama. also in paris i toasted the jewish new year with one of france's most respected art critics/writers, judith benhamou...and then Copenhagen and San Francisco: read on

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Matti Blind+Lotte Møller in BERLIN

Somebody once said to me, that by the time you have spent two years in Berlin, you will know whether you will stay or go back. I am not the only one, who kept thinking, that my Berlin stay was only going to be for a few months, and now - two and a half years later - still find myself hanging around here. For, as another artists friend of mine put it, you wouldn't know where else to on

Steve Reinke in CHICAGO: They’ve been discussing since the late 80s whether to have an undergraduate "theory and criticism" or "visual culture" course. It seems like it should be a moot point, but this is still highly contested territory. Everybody says yes, or maybe yes, but they must see a syllabus first. What suspect ideas and readings would such a thing contain?... read on

RoseLee Goldberg in NEW YORK

on the road, again

...Can extreme performance (as in Marina Abramovic's recent New York work, "House with an Ocean View") be folded into "Sex in the City" as backdrop to a conversation between Sarah Jessica Parker's 'girl about town' meets Mikael Barishnikov's 'sophisticated artist,' as occurred in last week's installment of the series, without losing its meaning altogether?... read on

Museum visits

Adam Chodzko from Whitstable:

Footnotes ***** Jo and Bridie Jones's, a gypsy family based in a field outside Canterbury. They worked with me on my slide projection "The Gorgies Centre" (2002) which (partly) shows them being established as the offical archive for a social housing project in Manchester. They are being evicted from their land by a vicious and racist group of middle-englanders represented in part by the Friends of Fordwich, a blue-rinse bunch of tedious Daily Mail-readers and their wives. The establishment of the archive was meant to stop this process…more footnotes from Adam


Dave Muller's blog

13 Sept to 13 Oct 2003.


St Louis, USA
Nanette Boileau reports: ...having moved to St. Louis from Los Angeles (going from an independent and diverse democratic state to a conservative republican state in the bible belt) concepts and ideas of art and the art world are entirely more


the population up here is pretty scarce and it is difficult for some of us to attend classes and belong to art other public blogs

Crowds thronged between the rows of art dearlers concessions, as art-world-celebs wafted towards you from all directions; La Emin, La Banner, The Chapmans, Anita Pallenburg, Neil Tennant plus other assorted artocrats, like Dan Macmillan, Lady Timothy Taylor, and Isabella Blow.... read more blogs


Norwich, UK

This is a review I wrote last September, hoping to interest one of the UK art monthlies to print it. There was some interest but not enough for the piece to surface. Sadly, since the show,the gallery that featured the work, Dark Mirror, is closing after only 4 shows – the cost of running the gallery proved to be prohibitive... read on

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AmirAli Ghasemi in TEHRAN

some brain washed good NEWS from Tavoos magazine These are some good news from Tavoos* magazine: one of friends told me that I only covered the sad and disgusting news our country, I really don't think so but I normally react to the events that I have some thing to tell about not only reports of winner and lucky exhibitors!!! AmirAli's blog

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Chiara Somajni from MILAN

Massimo De Carlo Gallery, too, chose to change, settling down in a peripheral, ex industrial area. Everybody moving to stand still?

I wonder - it's seems to be the Milanese way of life. Where you pay lots of money to go round the corner by taxi, trams don't work, the underground extension is ridicule, bicycle is insane and car a prohibitive choice - and everybody's always in a hurry... read more

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