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15 Minutes of Fame: Peter Frank Shilling

advert: 15 minutes of fame’

Independent filmmaker seeking interesting personalities for series of
short documentaries.
What is your day like? Do you have an unusual hobby,
occupation, view of life, or do you simply want a documentary made
about you?

Shilling responded to an advert placed in a local newsagent in London.
He is a nude model, supposedly 54 years of age, and specialising in
playing corpses for film and television. In the film he talks about his
scrabble and modelling skills (both in the nude), and he demonstrates
his technique for shallow breathing in order to look dead. He has a
very vivid imagination and large ambitions.

The film has been shown in film festivals in Norway and the UK. Most
recently it was shown in Norway as part of the exhibition “Norsk
Nærværsformidling”: “Trine Lise Nedreaas [….] finds her subjects for
documentaries amongst the “unimportant” people and documents these
peoples view of the world and themselves. Without irony and without
compromising the interviewee, Nedreaas manages to convey a fascinating
life story from a person who would never normally be heard.” (Terje
Nicolaisen, curator, Norwegian artist association – UKS Oslo, 2002).

Working with members of the public, often unknown but extraordinary and
ambitious individuals, I focus on their talents and aspirations, and on
their often unachieved desires and distant life goals. I advertise for
people to film, or track down those I have heard of. Recently I have
been more of an active director than a passive documentary-maker in my
approach, making people perform their speciality in very particular
settings and ways.

I work mainly in Video because most of my ideas come as moving images.
Working digitally using post-production techniques allows me to easily
manipulate the footage, working and reworking it until it feels as much
made as filmed. This solid, palpable, sculptural quality adds a
fictional element to films which predominantly have a documentary feel.
I usually work on several pieces concurrently as the organisational and
ruminatory period of each film can be a long one. As a result,
different themes that develop in new works cross-pollinate with
unfinished works.

I often use humour to strengthen a sense of unease and lack of
fulfilment, and I question what roles we present to each other, what we
want to achieve in life, whether it matters what we leave behind or
what we are remembered for. I make films that portray individuals,
often alone, sometimes determined and driven, but always trying. I make
films about wanting to be wanted.

Trine Lise Nedreaas


Trine Lise Nedreaas was born in Bergen Norway in 1972. She studied art
history and philosophy at the University of Bergen before moving to
London to train at St. Martins and the Slade School of Fine Art. She
has shown in exhibitions in the UK as well as in Norway. Her most recent
solo show was at Rogaland Kunstmuseum, Stavanger, Norway, and she was
represented at the FIAC Art Fair - Paris by Luxe Gallery, New York,
where she is exhibiting in 2005.
In 2003 Trine Lise Nedreaas won the Royal Caribbean International Arts
Grant 2003 Young Artist Award, the largest Norwegian Art prize for
young artists. The same year she also received the Norwegian young
artist working state scholarship from the Norwegian Artist Association.

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