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Simon Poulter

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Simon Poulter took part in the Centre of Attention Email Art exhibition.





The philosopher Garamond Barchelli indicated that the stones may indicate that somewhere inside the nominal the real can be found. He suggested that the combination star|cross|oval|circle|square was a curious form of code. Place the stones in this combination and the 'very essence' of being can be seen.

The archaeologist Myra Schaffschider took one look at the stones and was 'beyond doubt' that the inscriptions were the earliest sign of written language. "In primitive cultures, we see these pieces of the earth as the first step in recording information about the world itself."

The historian Archibald Criblyn-Cox peered into the cabinet where the stones were displayed. In a side-glance he affirmed that these stones were 'unquestionably' an early form of currency. The oval represented the smallest unit with the circle as the highest.

The politician Karl-Heinz Asphalt refuted all of the above. "To my mind these stones represent man's earliest manifesto. Within them we see all of homo sapiens' future political systems. "Christianity, Islam, Communism and latterly monetarism are naturally foretold."

The artist Eva-Marie Mammoth spoke few words. She looked long and hard and then uttered one word: "art."

The scientist Hagaar Ratbrath requested time to examine the stones at great length. Tests revealed the age, mass and origin of each. A detailed report was prepared and circulated to four of the leading authorities in the academic world. A press conference was called and together with his colleagues, Ratbrath pronounced: "We feel certain that our examination leads us to one conclusion. These stones are the first database known to man."

Simon Poulter

August 2002


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