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Davida Hewlett

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Davida Hewlett combines video, performance, text, sound and installation, to make work about failure, isolation, and the accidental. Her work consists of anger and humour, low tech, cheap and pathetic compositions, experiments, and actions that become like a bad joke being told again and again; abject, absurd and uncomfortable. Drawing from the popular and the prosaic, she creates narratives through the process of association and encounter to construct meaning.

In her more gregarious work; Davida delivers these in the guise of a 'pop persona', or look-alike. From mini mobile road shows to full scale concerts with flying harnesses, lights, props and paraphernalia, she presents original and appropriated songs and videos. Davida has shown work and undertaken commissions throughout the UK and Europe, often in response to site and collaborating with other artists and musicians, most frequently with fellow artist Gillian Wylde. A Scouse/Canadian by origin; she now lives and works in London.


Worm by Davida Hewlett