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Helena Kvarnström

For pictures of Helena's exhibition at the Centre of Attention, click here.





For more complete and up-to-date information, visit Helena Kvarnström's website: http://myredself.org


selected exhibitions


8th International Open Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

Deep & Wide: Constrasts and Crossovers of Open and Internal Spaces VU Gallery, WA

The Art Of Love Oxo Tower Gallery, London

The Social The Arsenal, Los Angeles

19 Women of Photography Studio 19 Gallery, Easthampton MA

The Centre of Attention Art Prize, London


XS: The Mini Works Exhibition Tattfoo Gallery, New York

The Creative Swing, Union Chapel, London

L'Art De Mort Altered Esthetics Gallery, Minneapolis MN

Helena Kvarnstrom: New Photography Studio 19 Gallery, Easthampton MA

The Creative Swing The Boudoir, London

My First Photo Project My First Store, Perth

Twighlight Art Auction Venice Beach CA

Never Been Better Nicole Dintaman Gallery, Los Angeles

99 Square Pegs Ladyfest*East Variety Show Benefit, New York


FemalePersuasion.net Cherrydeloreyes Gallery, Los Angeles

E_motion Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisbon

Man, I Feel Like A Woman Space 1026, Philadelphia


Helena Kvarnstrom (forthcoming, 2005) Atlanta: Lazyline.

The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism
Leslie Heywood (ed) (forthcoming 2005) Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing.
Entries: "Woman-owned Sex Shops", "Susie Bright", and "Sarah McLachlan"

A Girl Like Sugar
Emily Pohl-Weary (2004) Toronto: McGilligan. Cover photograph.

Helena Kvarnstrom: New Photography
Catalog accompanying the Studio 19 Gallery exhibit (2004). Introduction by Katharine Tillman.

Salute the General and Her Zygomatic Process
Joelle L. Renstrom (2004) Aux Arc Review. Cover & interior photographs.

In the Heart of the Country
J.M. Coetzee (1977) (2004). Krakow, Poland: Znak. Cover photograph.

Sirens: An Anthology of Creative Writing
Jon Buscall & Rachel Akerstedt (2002) Stockholm: University of Stockholm. Cover photograph.

EP Designworks Gallery April 2005.
Critical Moment issue 9, March - April 2005.
Nerve January 2005.
Blir issue 1, January 2005.
Slash Magazine issue 1, December 2004.
Twohundredby200 issue 11, December 2004.
Smooch issue 5, November 2004.
Intimacy November 2004.
Buffalo Mag issue 1, November 2004.
Paper Doll Artist's Project October 2004.
Pidjin online artist collective.
Learning To Love You More Assignment #27: Take a Picture of the Sun.
Female Persuasion blog contributor.
Noname Magazine issue 4, October 2004.
Nerve: Bedside Companions September 2004.
Omondieu! fall 2004.
Mooncruise" issue 2, August 2004.
Clandestina.Trips iss ue 26, August 2004.
The Royal Magazine issue 3, August 2004.
Hothouse edited by Roxanne M. Carter, July 2004.
Collaborations with Katharine Tillman and Mariam Firunts.

The News issue 10, June 2004.
Revol Magazine issue 2, May 2004.
Milo Magazine issue 5, April 2004. .
Kiss Machine issue 8, April 2004.
F-Stop Magazine issue 4, February 2004.
Sleeps With Monsters issue 1, winter 2003.
Etisoppo issue 5, December 2003.
Tartart issue 8, November 2003.
Cozytone issue 2, November 2003.
Altar Magazine issue 2, fall 2003.
All Things Girl September/October 2003.
F-Stop Magazine issue 1, August 2003.
Crane Magazine issue 2, August 2003.
No Magazine issue 3, July 2003.
Tartart issue 6, summer 2003.
Venus issue 16, summer 2003.
Violence self-published zine, 2002.
Review of VIOLENCE: "A Zine That May Shock You With The Reality of Society's 'Violence'" by Melinda Smith

FASE the girls issue, 2002.
Exposure: University of Arkansas Literary Review, 2002.
Birchlane Vol I No III, 2001.
Silicon Salley 2001.
Birchlane Vol I No I, 2001.
Slacker Bonding issue 4, 2000.
Snakeskindress self-published zine, 2000.
Vitaphobia #7 2000
Mad Girl's Love Song #6 1999.