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Mike Chavez-Dawson
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(ne: Dawson)

~ Bi-Opic Profile updated 2005 ~

Mike Chavez-Dawson graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, Interactive Arts BA (Hon's) in 1997 and MA (Art as Environment) in 1999. Since then he continues to pursue his art practice whilst undertaking roles such as Visual Arts Editor for Flux Magazine, founding curator for Flux Space and adviser for State Of Flux (

As an interdisciplinary artist Chavez-Dawson is fascinated with the place where the worlds of Media and Art collide and intermesh. Reporting from the crash-site for these projects are Chavez-Dawson's various alter egos: Robin Nature-Bold (, The Gallery Guard and The Someone (an elusive curatorial collective of twelve agents based in Norway).

"Chavez-Dawson adopts alter egos to make his art: a Norwegian curator, a gallery guard and a third-rate yBa. The resulting performances, photographs and objects explore how the mass media pollutes the purity of the Modernist dream." Tom Morton, Arena Magazine, 2003.

"In contrast Chavez-Dawson’s Gallery Guard is ‘constantly looking for the perfect art experience’ through performance and intervention, leaving behind evidence in the form of the art object. (Operating in the present tense live art has no memory, and this is not for the media savvy). But Chavez-Dawson’s ‘Gallery Guard works’ are not clear-cut documentary."

Paul Anthony Black, Freelance Critic, Flash Art.

He's worked on and exhibited both nationally and internationally, recent shows/projects include;

‘AWAKE! A CALL FOR REQUESTS, Awakening Unfrequented Spaces, (2006 – 2008)’, Deletia, Art Review, September 2005. ‘Act-to-Peptise, Part 3’, L.C.C.A at the I.C.A, London. ‘Band(ism)’, various venues throughout the UK. ‘Auto Test Pilot’, Tiger Lounge, Manchester. 'Ritual Bodies', The Walker Gallery, as a part of The Liverpool Biennial 04 'Independents', Liverpool. 'The Ambassadors', Philips Contemporary Art, Manchester. 'Plaza Suite', The Union Gallery, London. 'WE GO ROUND AND ROUND IN THE NIGHT AND ARE CONSUMED BY FIRE' (Curated by Dr Neil Mulholland, Produced by Flux Magazine), Comme Ca NY, New York, USA. 'AT THE END OF THE DAY' at Cornerhouse, Manchester as a part of 'artranspennine03'. 'Thermo03', The Lowry Centre, Salford, Greater Manchester. 'BOOTLEG' Spitzfields Market, 'ESSENTIAL PHENOMENA' VTO gallery, Bethnal Green, London. He has also gained media coverage in Flash Art, Dazed & Confused, I.D, Arena, [a-n] (Artist Newsletter), The Guardian (G2, The Guide), The Observer (The Month CD-ROM) and The Metro (Northwest Ed). His work has begun to be collected widely and is included in the collections of Frank Cohen and Tom Bloxham (Urban Splash).

Chavez-Dawson has been a consultant for several commercial galleries and currently consultants for 'Target Training' and has programmed a yearlong 'Visual Arts Master Class' to be held in Manchester, UK ( He's become an invaluable cultural broker for the Manchester and Northwest art scene, by both profiling and curating local talent alongside national and international talent. His role as a cultural broker has recently led him to a new research & development position for MIRIAD (Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design) at Manchester Metropolitan University (

Current research under development: ‘The Dilemma of the Cultural Gap’ and ‘Bio-Spheria (Meta-Myths versus Grand-Methods)’.


mike dawson

Mike Chavez Dawson Gallery Guard