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the Centre of Attention
67 Clapton Common
London E5 9AA
Great Britain

tel: +44 20 8880 5507


You can see past works and exhibitions here, read previous articles about / by the Centre here, and search for specific artists or curators we have worked with here.


mailing list

To be kept informed about future exhibitions or events, send an email to join our email list or go directly to this page to subscribe yourself:
We send about 8 emails per year with no attachments, we don't communicate your details to any other party.


Search the website

Since 1999, the Centre has organised and taken part in more than 80 exhibitions involving in excess of 200 artists. Use the search facility below if you are looking for something specific.




We welcome submissions from artists or curators preferably by email or website link. We take a long time to respond only show a small number of artists. Currently we are particularly interested in feature length films and videos.



The Centre of Attention sells a limited number of publications: a magazine (50 copies limited edition. Issues 2, 3 and 4 are currently available) as well as exhibition catalogues and limited edition sound pieces CDs created for exhibitions. Visit this page for more information.


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